Press Release


Nepal Student Union has always been to save the sovereignty and self-existence of people. To solve the critical problems of country, to have saved the essence of Nepali, to protect the self-pride of being Nepali and to develop the feelings of “I am Nepali”. NSU has regarded the nationality, which cannot be strengthened without democracy.


Democracy is the government of the people, for the people and by the people. NSU has a belief on democracy. In democracy people become free in terms of speaking, information, freedom to conduct mass meetings and all kinds of fundamental rights have been secured.

Student Unity

Nepal student union has regarded its unity as the first spirit, uniting all classes in the one institution and to solve the student’s problem and protect their rights is the main response of this union. It is said that students are the strong base of the nation, so the nation needs to have its youths to be very energetic and skillful and honest towards itself.

Message from Act. President
President Message