Nepal Students' Union

नेपाल विद्यार्थी संघ


Nepal Students' Union is a student based Democratic political party of Nepal. The motto of Nepal Student Union is Nationality, Democracy, Socialism.

Nepal Student Union is one of the major student union in Nepal. Nepal student union is a student wing of Nepali Congress, largest political party of Nepal. During the autocratic King's rule (Panchayati Byawastha), this union has played a major role in unifying students to overthrow King's direct rule and establish democracy in the country.

Message From President

Nepal Students' Union believes on nationality, democracy, socialism and students unity.We thrive to build the prosperous nation through the collective efforts of all the neplese students across the nation and all over the world by providing an equal arena of opportunity in educational, political and social as well as in all sectors. Jaya Nepal!!

- Ranjeet Karn

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